Asper, Kathrin

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ASPER, Kathrin

ASPER, Kathrin. Swiss, b. 1941. Genres: Psychology. Career: Private practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, 1978-. C.G. Jung Institute, member of Curatorium, 1982-99. Lecturer and seminar leader in Europe, Canada, the Philippines, and the United States; also worked as a teacher, including a year in Paris. Publications: Verlassenheit und Selbstentfremdung, 1987, trans. as The Abandoned Child Within: On Losing and Regaining Self-Worth, 1993; Von der Kindheit zum Kind in uns, 1988, trans. as The Inner Child in Dreams, 1992; Schritte im Labyrinth-Tagebuch Einer Psychotherapeutin, 1992; Fenster im Alltag-Psychologisches Skizzenbuch, 1995. Contributor to psychology journals. Address: Plattenstrasse 98, CH-8706 Meilen, Switzerland. Online address: [email protected]

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Asper, Kathrin

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