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mouth·piece / ˈmou[unvoicedth]ˌpēs/ • n. 1. a thing designed to be put in or against the mouth: the snorkel's mouthpiece. ∎  a part of a musical instrument placed between or against the lips. ∎  the part of a telephone for speaking into. ∎  the part of a tobacco pipe placed between the lips. ∎  a mouthguard. 2. chiefly derog. a person or organization that speaks on behalf of another person or organization: they become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the company. ∎  inf. a lawyer.

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mouthpieceanis, apiece, Berenice, caprice, cassis, cease, coulisse, crease, Dumfries, fils, fleece, geese, grease, Greece, kris, lease, Lucrece, MacNeice, Matisse, McAleese, Nice, niece, obese, peace, pelisse, piece, police, Rees, Rhys, set piece, sublease, surcease, two-piece, underlease •mantelpiece • headpiece • hairpiece •tailpiece • Greenpeace •chimney piece • frontispiece •timepiece • codpiece • crosspiece •mouthpiece • showpiece • earpiece •masterpiece •centrepiece (US centerpiece) •altarpiece • workpiece • ambergris •calabrese

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mouthpiece (Fr. bec (woodwind); embouchure (brass)). Part of a woodwind or brass instr. which is inserted in the player's mouth or to which he applies his lips in order to produce a sound.

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