Mouvements du Desir

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Mouvements du Desir ★★ Desire in Motion 1994

Sex-on-a-train sequences add more than a little steam to this romantic drama. Catherine (Kaprisky) is travelling with her young daughter on the Montreal to Vancouver train in order to forget a failed relationship. She meets shy Vincent (Pichette), who is supposed to be on his way to meet his lover, but somewhere on the journey the sexual sparks start igniting. There are some eccentric fellow passengers to contend with (and director Pool drops in some surreal dream sequences as well) but the heat generated by the leads is genuine enough. 94m/C VHS . CA SI Valerie Kaprisky, Jean-Francois Pichette, Jolianne L'Allier-Matteau, Matthew Mackay, William Jacques; D: Lea Pool; W: Lea Pool; C: Pierre Mignot; M: Zbigniew Preisner.

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Mouvements du Desir

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