Mouvement National AlgéRien

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an algerian nationalist organization that rivaled, and eventually lost to, the fln.

The Mouvement National Algérien (MNA; Algerian National Movement) was founded in Paris in December 1954 by Messali al-Hadj in reaction to the launching of the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN; National Liberation Front) by his revolutionary rivals in Algeria. It was a continuation of his branch of the Mouvement pour le Triomphe des Libertés Démocratiques (MTLD; Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties) established at Hornu, Belgium, during the summer.

One element after another of the Algerian political spectrum rallied to the FLN during 1955 and 1956. Claiming that this demonstrated that the FLN contained too many moderates and reformists, Messali's MNA was, by June 1956, the only major party remaining outside the nationalist coalition. Polarization led to bloody fighting between MNA and FLN factions within Algeria. Also, the FLN waged a concerted effort to win over the loyalties of the Algerian community in France, long commanded by Messali, and to tap its financial resources. Intracommunal fighting in France took many lives. The MNA lost in both arenas and, from 1958 onward, was of little political consequence, going formally out of existence on 19 June 1962.

see also front de libÉration nationale; hadj, messali al-; mouvement pour le triomphe des libertÉs dÉmocratiques.

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Mouvement National AlgéRien

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