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as·pi·rate • v. / ˈaspəˌrāt/ [tr.] 1. Phonet. pronounce (a sound) with an exhalation of breath. ∎  [intr.] pronounce the sound h at the beginning of a word. 2. (usu. be aspirated) Med. draw (fluid) by suction from a vessel or cavity. ∎  draw fluid in such a way from (a vessel or cavity). ∎  breathe (something) in; inhale: some drowning victims don't aspirate any water. 3. [usu. as adj.] (aspirated) provide (an internal combustion engine) with air: the superchargers produce twice the power of standard aspirated engines. See also normally aspirated. • n. / ˈasp(ə)rit/ 1. Phonet. an aspirated consonant. ∎  the sound h or a character used to represent this sound. 2. Med. matter that has been drawn from the body by aspiration: gastric aspirate | esophageal aspirates. • adj. / ˈasp(ə)rit/ rare Phonet. (of a sound) pronounced with an exhalation of breath; aspirated.

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aspirate •serrate • concentrate • airfreight •ingrate • filtrate • arbitrate •exfiltrate • magistrate • orchestrate •calibrate • celebrate • emigrate •immigrate • denigrate • penetrate •defenestrate • administrate • aspirate •perpetrate • decerebrate • desecrate •execrate • consecrate • integrate •carbohydrate, hydrate •nitrate • quadrate • prostrate •borate, quorate •portrait • polyunsaturate •acculturate • depurate • indurate •triturate • inaugurate • suppurate •substrate • adumbrate •ameliorate, meliorate •deteriorate •collaborate, elaborate •liberate • corroborate • reverberate •saturate •confederate, federate •desiderate • moderate •preponderate •proliferate, vociferate •perforate • invigorate • exaggerate •refrigerate • decorate •accelerate, decelerate •exhilarate • illustrate • tolerate •commemorate •demonstrate, remonstrate •agglomerate, conglomerate •enumerate •generate, venerate •incinerate, itinerate •exonerate • remunerate • evaporate •exasperate • separate •cooperate, operate •incorporate •recuperate, vituperate •perorate •lacerate, macerate •incarcerate • eviscerate • expectorate •alliterate, iterate, obliterate, transliterate •adulterate • asseverate • sequestrate •commiserate • birth rate • sensate •condensate • decussate • compensate •tergiversate

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ASPIRATE. A term in PHONETICS for the h-sound, as in hope. Aspiration is a delay in voicing: for example, the release of the voiceless stops /p, t, k/ is often followed by further voicelessness like a brief h-sound, as in tick /thɪk/. Such stops are not aspirated after an s-sound, as in stick /stɪk/. See AITCH, ARTICLE, H, HIBERNO-ENGLISH.

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