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brass·y / ˈbrasē/ • adj. (brass·i·er, brass·i·est) resembling brass, in particular: ∎  bright or harsh yellow. ∎  sounding like a brass musical instrument; harsh and loud. ∎  (of a person, typically a woman) tastelessly showy or loud in appearance or manner: her brassy, audacious exterior. DERIVATIVES: brass·i·ly / ˈbrasəlē/ adv. brass·i·ness n. brass·y2 • n. variant spelling of brassie.

views updated

brassybassi, Brassey, brassie, chassis, gassy, Haile Selassie, lassie, Malagasy, Manasseh, massé, massy, sassy, TallahasseeCotopaxi, maxi, taxi, waxy •Anglesey •antsy, Clancy, fancy, Nancy •paparazzi, patsy •Yangtze • necromancy • cartomancy •geomancy • bibliomancy •chiromancy • ataraxy •Adivasi, brassy, classy, dalasi, Darcy, farcy, Farsi, glassy, grassy •chancy • ardency • Nazi •Bessie, Crécy, dressy, Jessie, messy, Nessie, tressy •prexy, sexy •Chelsea, Elsie •Dempsey • Montmorency •discrepancy • incessancy •Betsy, tsetse •epilepsy • narcolepsy • nympholepsy •apoplexy • catalepsy •Basie, Casey, Gracie, lacy, O'Casey, pace, pacy, precis, racy, spacey, Stacey, Sulawesi, Tracy •cadency • complacency •blatancy, patency •Assisi, fleecy, greasy, Tbilisi •decency

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