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wa·ter·col·or / ˈwôtərˌkələr; ˈwä-/ • n. (also watercolors) artists' paint made with a water-soluble binder such as gum arabic, and thinned with water rather than oil, giving a transparent color. ∎  a picture painted with watercolors. ∎  the art of painting with watercolors, esp. using a technique of producing paler colors by diluting rather than by adding white.DERIVATIVES: wa·ter·col·or·ist n.


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gouache / gwäsh; goōˈäsh/ • n. a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a gluelike substance. ∎  paint of this kind; opaque watercolor. ∎  a picture painted in this way.


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gouache Watercolour paint made opaque by the addition of white. It lightens in colour when dry and cracks if used thickly. Popular among manuscript illuminators in the Middle Ages, gouache has been used by 20th-century artists.


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aquarelle(Fr.). Water-colour; sometimes musically applied to a piece of delicate texture, as in Eric Fenby's arr. for str. (1938), as Aquarelles, of Delius's 2 wordless chs. ‘To be sung of a summer night on the water’ (1917).


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watercolour Paint that is made from a pigment ground up with a water-soluble gum, such as gum arabic, and also a painting that is rendered in this medium.


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aquarelle XIX. — F. — It. acquerella watercolour, f. acqua :- L. aqua water.


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gouache water-colour painting with opaque colours. XIX. — F. — It. guazzo.

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