Zelaya Sierra, Pablo (1896–1933)

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Zelaya Sierra, Pablo (1896–1933)

Pablo Zelaya Sierra (b. 1896; d. 1933), twentieth-century Honduran painter. Zelaya studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Costa Rica and subsequently at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid, where he came under the strong influence of Daniel Vásquez Díaz before returning to Honduras. His painting of Las Monjas was especially praised and was representative of his paintings while at San Fernando Academy. Although he died young, his neorealist painting made a strong impression in Honduras. His formal style exhibited strong technical perfection, but he often emphasized the figurative rather than the literal. He is credited with applying the Spanish style of Vásquez Díaz to Honduran motifs. His paintings La muchacha del huacal and Dos campesinas are especially fine examples of this.

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