Zeitlin, Denny

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Zeitlin, Denny

Zeitlin, Denny, American pianist; b. Chicago, III, April 10, 1938. He began recording in the early 1960s while still studying medicine at Johns Hopkins Univ. Often teamed with bassist Charlie Haden, he made a series of well-regarded albums for Columbia. Over the next two decades he devoted more time to psychiatry practice but continued to perform occasional gigs on the West Coast. In the 1970s, he dabbled with electronic keyboards and worked on the soundtrack to the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Since the 1980s, he has returned to the acoustic piano, continuing to perform and record with some regularity.


Time Remembers One Time Once (1983); Homecoming (1986); Trio (1988); In the Moment (1989); Live at Maybeck, Vol. 27 (1993); Concord Duo Series, Vol. Eight (1995).

—Will Bickart