Washington Conference (1889)

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Washington Conference (1889)

This meeting, the First International Conference of American States, is sometimes known as the first Pan-American Conference. Initiated by the United States and held in Washington, D.C., from 2 October 1889 to 19 April 1890, it marked the institutional beginning of the Inter-American System. Seventeen Latin American states (all but the Dominican Republic) sent delegates. U.S. officials wanted Latin Americans to turn from Europe to the United States for imports and capital. Latin Americans turned down the U.S. proposal for a Pan-American customs union, arguing they would receive few concessions in return for preferences given. The conference approved a treaty of compulsory arbitration for the peaceful settlement of inter-American disputes, but signatories insisted on reservations that eroded its obligatory nature. No state subsequently ratified the treaty, although some of its features were incorporated in later inter-American instruments.

Latin Americans did adopt a resolution (the United States cast the only negative vote), based on the Calvo Doctrine, declaring that resident aliens should not enjoy privileges beyond laws established for citizens and denying outside governments the right to intervene on their behalf. Finally, the conference established the International Union of American Republics as a temporary regional association and the Commercial Bureau of the American Republics (the rudimentary forerunner of the Pan-American Union) as its agency.

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Washington Conference (1889)

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Washington Conference (1889)