Washing of the Feet

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The liturgical rite of the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday takes its inspiration from the Last Supper, where Jesus first washed the feet of his apostles and commanded them to do likewise (see Jn 13:4-14). As a liturgical rite for Holy Thursday it is first found in the canons of the 17th Synod of Toledo in Spain (694). Evidently, however, it was even older, for the synod recommends its restoration (C. J. von Hefele, Histoire des conciles d'après les documents originaux 3:586). It made its way to Rome by the 11th century; the pope washed the feet of 12 subdeacons at the end of the evening Mass on Holy Thursday. When the other Holy Thursday rites were moved to the morning hours during the 14th century, the Mandatum remained a separate service to be held in the afternoon. Pius XII's Holy Week Ordinal places it during the evening Mass of the Lord's Supper immediately after the Gospel and homily. It has remained in this position in the liturgical books promulgated in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. Accompanying the washing of feet is the beautiful hymn Ubi caritas et amor ("Where charity and love prevails").

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Washing of the Feet

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