Salazar Bondy, Sebastián (1924–1965)

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Salazar Bondy, Sebastián (1924–1965)

Sebastián Salazar Bondy (b. 4 February 1924; d. 4 July 1965), Peruvian writer and journalist. Salazar Bondy, born in Lima, began publishing his poetry while studying literature at San Marcos University. His artistic interest led him to work in Buenos Aires (1948–1951) and study in Paris (1956–1957). Twice he received the Peruvian national prize for theater (1948, 1952) and once the national prize for journalism (1958). Although he earned his living as a newspaperman, briefly directed the Institute of National Art, and participated in politics as an activist member of the Movimiento Social Progresista (Social Progressionist Movement) he had helped to found, Salazar Bondy devoted most of his time to creative writing, purportedly divested of social and ideological content. He is remembered for his strong opposition to pro-Indianist literary trends and advocacy of art for art's sake. His play Amor, gran laberinto (1948), his short stories Pobre gente de París (1958), and his essay Lima la horrible (1964) are among his best books. In collaboration with other writers, he edited La poesía contemporánea del Perú (1946), Antología general de la poesía peruana (1957), and Cuentos infantiles peruanos (1958).

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Salazar Bondy, Sebastián (1924–1965)

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