Oliveira, Willy Correia de (1938–)

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Oliveira, Willy Correia de (1938–)

Willy Correia de Oliveira (b. 11 February 1938), Brazilian composer and teacher. Oliveira has been associated with the Santos-based group of composers Música Nova (notably Gilberto Mendes, Rogério Duprat, Damiano Cozzella, and Julio Medaglia). The works of Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen were the focus of intense discussion within the group, which rejected the prevailing nationalist trends. Oliveira became interested not only in providing a unique formal structure for each work but also in forming a unique conceptual framework in which the actual sounds are of secondary importance. In the Five Kitschs (1967), for example, a series of pitches and a harmonic progression form the basis for all five pieces ("Background," "Nocturne," "Make It Yourself," "Jazztime," and "Narcissus"). The manner of repetition of the series is serialist in nature. The striving for maximum unity of structure and harmonic tension is minimalist in conception. Oliveira's approach to composition belongs to the postnationalist generation of composers who reject the idea of writing works with a clearly identifiable national element.

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Oliveira, Willy Correia de (1938–)

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