Oliver Y Fullana, Nicolás de

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OLIVER Y FULLANA, NICOLÁS DE (fl. c. 1670), Marrano soldier and writer. Born in Majorca, he pursued a military career, rising from sergeant major in the Spanish army in Catalonia to the rank of colonel in Flanders, where he distinguished himself in action against the French. It was probably while in the Low Countries that Oliver y Fullana became a Jew and took the name of Daniel Judah. Nevertheless, he still maintained friendly relations with the Spanish military establishment in Brussels in the 1670s. His second wife, Isabel de *Correa, was a poet in Amsterdam. Oliver y Fullana, who wrote in three languages, exchanged laudatory verses with Miguel de *Barrios. He completed a part of the Atlas Mayor (1641) of Jan Blaeu and was cosmographer-royal to the king of Spain.


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[Kenneth R. Scholberg]

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Oliver Y Fullana, Nicolás de

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