Oliver Twist 1922

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Oliver Twist ★★★ 1922

Silent version of the Dickens classic is a vehicle for young Jackie Coogan. As orphan Oliver Twist, he is subjected to many frightening incidents before finding love and someone to care for him. Remade numerous times, most notably in 1933 and 1948 and as the musical “Oliver!” in 1968. 77m/B VHS, DVD . Jackie Coogan, Lon Chaney Sr., Gladys Brockwell, George Siegmann, Esther Ralston, James A. Marcus, Aggie Herring, Nelson McDowell, Lewis Sargent, Joan Standing, Carl Stockdale, Edouard Trebaol, Lionel Belmore; D: Frank Lloyd; W: Frank Lloyd, Henry Weil; C: Glen MacWilliams, Robert Martin.