Oliver Twist 2000

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Oliver Twist ★★★ 2000

The umpteenth version of the Dickens saga is a well-done British miniseries that includes the backstory of Oliver's parents, an inheritance, scheming relatives, and finally young Oliver (Smith) himself and his adventures with Fagin (Lindsay) and the criminal elements of London. 360m/C VHS, DVD . Sam Smith, Robert Lindsay, Andy Serkis, Emily Woof, Julie Walters, Michael Kitchen, Annette Crosbie, Alex Crowley, David Ross, Tim Dutton, Lindsay Duncan, Sophia Myles, Keira Knightley; D: Renny Rye; W: Alan Bleasdale; C: Walter McGill; M: Elvis Costello, Paul Pritchard. TV

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Oliver Twist 2000

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