González, Joaquín Víctor (1863–1923)

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González, Joaquín Víctor (1863–1923)

Joaquín Víctor González (b. 6 March 1863; d. 21 December 1923), Argentine author, educator, diplomat, and statesman. Born in Chilecito, La Rioja Province, he received his law degree from the University of Córdoba in 1886. He began his political career in 1886, when he was elected as a deputy representing La Rioja. He then served as the province's governor (1889–1891) and senator (1907–1923). President Julio Roca (1898–1904) appointed him interior minister (1901) and later foreign relations minister (1903). He continued his service under President Manuel Quintana (1904–1906), heading the Ministry of Justice and Public Instruction. He concluded his public service by representing Argentina in the League of Nations.

An authority on law and politics as well as education, he is best known for his literary and historical works, including La tradición nacional (1888) and Mis montañas (1893). He taught law at the University of Córdoba (1894), served on the National Education Council (1896), and became the first rector of the National University of La Plata (1906).


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González, Joaquín Víctor (1863–1923)

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González, Joaquín Víctor (1863–1923)