Gonzalez-Quevado, Oscar

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Gonzalez-Quevado, Oscar

Director of the Centro Latino-Americano de Parapsicologia, São Paulo, Brazil. Gonzalez-Quevado is a Spanish-born Jesuit priest, residing in São Paulo, who condemns Spiritualist miracles, which he ridicules by performing his own (which he claims to be phoney). His public demonstrations of such feats as apparently levitating a young girl in the open air, however, have tended to encourage belief in miraculous powers by many in his audiences. He has also parodied psychic surgery and reportedly has summarized his experience with the paranormal by saying, "Everything is in the mind. Clairvoyance is just a trick, and if people have visions or hear voices, it is just a hallucination."


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Gonzalez-Quevado, Oscar

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