Good Burger

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Good Burger ★★½ 1997 (PG)

Teen actors Kel and Kenan from Nickelodeon fame make their feature film debut in this innocent, silly romp as employees trying to prevent the takeover of their fast food restaurant by the mega burger conglomerate across the street. Similar to comedy teams of the past, Kel is the dimwitted Ed and Kenan is the schemer Dexter, always looking for a quick way out of hard labor. The pre-adolescent humor of the film is as goofy as it is charming and the energetic duo of K&K serves up an entertaining meal for the kiddies. Shaquille O'Neal makes a cameo as does funk meister George Clinton. And yes, that is Abe Vigoda by that fry machine! 95m/C VHS, DVD . Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Sinbad, Abe Vigoda, Dan Schneider, Shar Jackson, Jan Schweiterman, Ron Lester; Cameos: Shaquille O'Neal, George Clinton; D: Brian Robbins; W: Kevin Kopelow, Heath Seifert, Dan Schneider; C: Mac Ahlberg; M: Stewart Copeland.