Good Morning

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Good Morning ★★★ Ohayo 1959

One of Ozu's first color efforts, “Good Morning” is a light social comedy revolving around two young Japanese boys who try to talk their parents into buying them one of those newfangled television sets. Not likely, since the Dad feels that the boob tube will dull the senses of the Japanese youth…talk about your ESP. The kids feel that there's too much small talk going on. Ozu keeps the camera at kids' eyelevel, emphasizing the sympathetic perspective of the children and giving a unique look to the film. Bold colors populate the screen and Ozu keeps the story whimsical while commenting on Japanese society (very much like Juzo Itami would years later). The characters are wellfleshed out and likable. 94m/C DVD . JP Masahiko Shimazu, Koji Shigaragi, Chishu Ryu, Kuniko Miyake; D: Yasujiro Ozu; W: Yasujiro Ozu, Kogo Noda; C: Yuuharu Atsuta; M: Toshiro Mayuzumi.