Díaz Arosemena, Domingo (1875–1949)

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Díaz Arosemena, Domingo (1875–1949)

Domingo Díaz Arosemena (b. 25 June 1875; d. 23 August 1949), Panamanian politician and president (1948–1949) and a member of one of the most prominent political families in the country. He spent many years in public service as a member of the Panama City Council and deputy to the National Assembly. After the revolution of 1931 Díaz Arosemena founded the Doctrinary Liberal Party, one of the many offshoots of the Liberal Party after the revolution. He was a candidate for president in the 1936 elections, one of the most hotly contested elections in the history of the country, but lost to the official candidate, Juan Demósténes Arosemena. In 1948, Díaz Arosemena won the presidency with the backing of the country's major political forces. He died the following year.

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Díaz Arosemena, Domingo (1875–1949)

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