Arango y Parreño, Francisco de (1765–1837)

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Arango y Parreño, Francisco de (1765–1837)

Francisco de Arango y Parreño (b. 22 May 1765; d. 21 March 1837), Cuban statesman, economist, and sugar planter. Educated in Cuba and Spain, Arango y Parreño graduated with a degree in law and spent his life in public service, including representing the city of Havana to the court in Spain and as one of two representatives from the island to the Cortes of Cádiz. In 1792 he wrote the Discourse on the Agriculture in Havana and Ways of Developing It that called for development of the sugar industry, utilizing massive slave labor, a position he modified after the Haitian Revolution. He returned to Cuba and, with the cooperation of Governor Luis de las Casas, shifted the focus of the island's economy to development of sugar. He also co-owned one of the five largest plantations on the island. He served as director of the Economic Society in 1795 but believed its function less important than that of the consulado, of which he was also a member. He contributed articles to the Papel Periódico favoring government intervention to develop the sugar industry and hinder the Spanish monopolies. His writings and his defense of Cuba in Spain helped form the liberal Cuban mind of the period. The major effect of his policies on the island, however, was the growth of the sugar industry, and its benefit to those who are now referred to as the "sugarocracy."

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Arango y Parreño, Francisco de (1765–1837)

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