Arana Osorio, Carlos (1918–2003)

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Arana Osorio, Carlos (1918–2003)

Carlos Arana Osorio (b. 17 July 1918, d. 6 December 2003), president of Guatemala (1970–1974). Born in Barbareña, Santa Rosa, Arana pursued a military career. Graduating from the Escuela Politécnica in 1939, he rose rapidly as a military officer, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1952. During the presidency of Julio César Méndez Montenegro (1966–1970), he directed a counterinsurgency campaign that earned him the title "Butcher of Zacapa." Allegedly head of the Mano Blanca (White Hand), a right-wing terrorist organization, he was implicated in the plot to delegitimize the left by kidnapping archbishop Mario Casariego in 1968.

In 1970 Arana was elected president in a campaign marked by violence and fraud. His presidency was characterized by repression and economic nationalism. State planning produced marked increases in public investment and economic growth. After leaving office he remained politically influential through the CAN (Central Auténtica Nacional), until a few years before his death in 2003.

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Arana Osorio, Carlos (1918–2003)

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