Arana, Felipe de (1786–1865)

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Arana, Felipe de (1786–1865)

Felipe de Arana (b. 23 August 1786; d. 11 July 1865), Argentine landowner and official. Born in Buenos Aires to a merchant family, Arana took a law degree in Chile, then returned to Buenos Aires to participate in the revolution of May 1810. He was president of the House of Representatives in 1828 during the first government of Juan Manuel de Rosas and was appointed minister of foreign affairs when Rosas returned to office in 1835. His policy was nationalist in tendency, and he negotiated treaties (1840 and 1850) that ended French intervention in the Río de la Plata. But Arana had few ideas of his own, and on domestic as well as foreign policy was little more than a mouthpiece of Rosas. During the terror of 1840–1842 he was deputy governor of Buenos Aires.

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Arana, Felipe de (1786–1865)

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