Alzate y Ramírez, José Antonio de (1737–1799)

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Alzate y Ramírez, José Antonio de (1737–1799)

José Antonio de Alzate y Ramírez (b. 21 November 1737; d. 2 February 1799), prominent figure in the Mexican Enlightenment. Born in Ozumba (modern state of Mexico), Alzate studied at the Colegio de San Ildefonso, where he received a bachelor's degree in theology in 1756, the same year he took holy orders. From an early age, Alzate was also deeply drawn to secular studies, including mathematics, physics, astronomy, and the natural sciences; his wide-ranging interests earned him the sobriquet the "Pliny of Mexico." Alzate carried out his own research, such as conducting astronomical observations to determine the latitude of Mexico City. However, he made his greatest scientific contribution as an author and editor, promoting new scientific knowledge and the worldview of the Enlightenment through a series of publications, culminating in the Gazeta de literatura de México (1788–1795). Though sometimes marred by polemics, this journal informed readers of the latest scientific advances in both Europe—Alzate had become a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris in 1771—and the Americas. Alzate translated foreign materials and himself contributed numerous articles in which he described Mexico's rich natural and human resources and pointed out the practical benefits of new scientific methods for Mexican economic development.

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