San Ildefonso

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San Ildefonso (sän ēldāfōn´sō) or La Granja (lä gräng´hä), town (1990 pop. 5,088), Segovia prov., central Spain, in Castile-León. Near the town is the Spanish royal summer residence, called La Granja, built by Philip V (1721–23) in imitation of the Grand Trianon at Versailles, where the king spent his childhood. The complex consists of a palace; collegiate church; and celebrated fountains and gardens, which are a masterpiece of French landscape architecture.

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San Ildefonso (săn ēl´dəfŏn´sō), pueblo (1990 pop. 447), N central N.Mex., on the Rio Grande, established in the early 1700s. The inhabitants are Pueblo who speak a Tanoan language. The pueblo is famous for its excellent pottery and paintings, and many of its artists have won individual fame. On Jan. 23, the day of fiesta, ceremonial dances (e.g., the buffalo and Comanche dances) are performed.