Admirable Campaign

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Admirable Campaign

Admirable Campaign, a series of military engagements in the Venezuelan War of Independence. With operations in New Granada finished, Simón Bolívar solicited the support of the government there for an invasion of Venezuelan territory to renew the fight for independence. The campaign began in New Granada on 14 May 1813 and ended in Caracas on 6 August of the same year. After crossing the summits of the Andes, he arrived in Mérida and from there continued to Trujillo, where he made his famous War to the Death speech on 15 June. He continued eastward, defeating his adversaries along the way, until the royal army capitulated in the city of La Victoria, not far from Caracas. The success, organization, and speed of the campaign allowed the republican forces to regain control of western Venezuela.

See alsoBolívar, Simón; Venezuela: The Colonial Era.


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Admirable Campaign

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