Admon ben Gaddai

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ADMON BEN GADDAI , one of the few civil law judges in Jerusalem whose name is mentioned in talmudic literature (Ket. 13:1–9; tb, Ket. 105a). Admon probably lived in the latter days of the Second Temple, as three of the seven halakhot in his name are supported in the Mishnah by R. *Gamaliel the Elder. Admon and his colleagues received a salary of 99 maneh (1 maneh = 100 denarii) from the Temple treasury. However, due to early variants in mishnaic tradition regarding Admon's title, his precise judicial function is not clear. He is referred to as either one of the dayyanei gezerot (דַּיָּנֵי גְזֵרוֹת "decree judges") or one of the dayyanei gezelot (דַּיָּנֵי גְזֵלוֹת "robbery judges"). On this and similar changes of the Hebrew letters ר and ל see Epstein, Tarbiz, 1 (1930), n. 3, 131–2.


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