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spare / spe(ə)r/ • adj. 1. additional to what is required for ordinary use: few people had spare cash for inessentials. ∎  not currently in use or occupied: the spare bedroom.2. with no excess fat; thin: a spare, bearded figure. ∎  elegantly simple: her clothes are smart and spare in style. ∎  meager; nearly inadequate: the furnishings were spare and unadorned.• n. 1. an item kept in case another item of the same type is lost, broken, or worn out. ∎  a spare tire: make sure there are no problems with any of the tires, including the spare.2. (in tenpin bowling) an act of knocking down all the pins with two consecutive rolls of the ball.• v. 1. give (something of which one has enough) to (someone); afford to give to: she asked if I could spare her a dollar or two. ∎  make free or available: I'm sure you can spare me a moment. ∎  [intr.] archaic be frugal: but some will spend, and some will spare.2. [tr.] refrain from killing, injuring, or distressing: there was no way the men would spare her. ∎  refrain from inflicting (something) on (someone): the country had until now been spared the violence occurring elsewhere. ∎  (spare oneself) try to ensure or satisfy one's own comfort or needs: in her concern to help others, she has never spared herself.PHRASES: spare no expense (or no expense spared) be prepared to pay any amount (used to indicate the importance of achieving something).spare the rod and spoil the childsee rod.spare a thought for chiefly Brit. remember: spare a thought for our volunteer group at spare left over: that turkey will feed ten people with some to spare.DERIVATIVES: spare·ly adv.spare·ness n.spar·er n. ( rare ).

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