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raw / / • adj. 1. (of food) uncooked: raw eggs salsify can be eaten raw in salads or cooked. ∎  (of a material or substance) in its natural state; not yet processed or purified: raw silk raw sewage. ∎  (of information) not analyzed, evaluated, or processed for use: there were a number of errors in the raw data. ∎  (of the edge of a piece of cloth) not having a hem or selvage. ∎  (of a person) new to an activity or job and therefore lacking experience or skill: they were replaced by raw recruits.2. (of a part of the body) red and painful, esp. as the result of skin abrasion: he scrubbed his hands until they were raw | fig. Fran's nerves were raw. 3. (of the weather) bleak, cold, and damp: a raw February night.4. (of an emotion or quality) strong and undisguised: he exuded an air of raw, vibrant masculinity. ∎  frank and realistic in the depiction of unpleasant facts or situations: a raw, uncompromising portrait. ∎  inf. (of language) coarse or crude, typically in relation to sexual matters.PHRASES: in the raw1. in its true state; not made to seem better or more palatable than it actually is: he didn't much care for nature in the raw.2. inf. (of a person) naked: I slept in the raw.DERIVATIVES: raw·ly adv.raw·ness n.