Raw Deal 1948

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Raw Deal ★★★ 1948

Sadistic Rick Coyle (Burr) framed onetime associate Joe Sullivan (O'Keefe), who wound up in prison. Joe's moll Pat (Trevor) helps him to escape and they take prison social worker Ann (Hunt), who's befriended Joe, as a hostage. They go after Coyle and Joe begins to fall for the demure dame, who finds the underworld life exciting and even saves Joe from one of Coyle's henchmen. No good guys here but it is fine film noir. 79m/B VHS, DVD . Dennis O'Keefe, Claire Trevor, Raymond Burr, Marsha Hunt, John Ireland, Curt Conway, Whit Bissell; D: Anthony Mann; W: John C. Higgins, Leopold Atlas; C: John Alton; M: Paul Sawtell.