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for·get / fərˈget/ • v. (-get·ting; past -got; past part. -got·tenor-got) [tr.] fail to remember: he had forgotten his lines| she had completely forgotten how tired and hungry she was. ∎  inadvertently neglect to attend to, do, or mention something: she forgot to lock her door | [intr.] I'm sorry, I just forgot. ∎  inadvertently omit to bring or retrieve: I forgot my raincoat. ∎  put out of one's mind; cease to think of or consider: forget all this romantic stuff | [intr.] for years she had struggled to forget about him. ∎  (forget it) said when insisting to someone that there is no need for apology or thanks. ∎  (forget it) said when telling someone that their idea or aspiration is impracticable. ∎  (forget oneself) stop thinking about one's own problems or feelings: he must forget himself in his work. ∎  (forget oneself) act improperly or unbecomingly.PHRASES: not forgetting —— (at the end of a list) and also ——: we depend on them for food and shelter and clothing, not forgetting heat in the wintertime.DERIVATIVES: for·get·ter n.