Forgotten Silver

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Forgotten Silver ★★★ 1996

Jackson's mockumentary finds the director and co-director Botes “discovering” the lost films of Colin McKenzie, a pioneering New Zeland filmmaker of the early 1900s. These include McKenzie's epic film “Salome” which the duo decide to restore. The entire escapade is a fiction, including the silent film footage that's shown. The tape also includes the short film “Signing Off” about the final show for a radio DJ and the special request he has trouble fulfilling. 70m/C VHS, DVD . NZ Costa Botes, Sam Neill, Leonard Maltin, Harvey Weinstein, John O'Shea, Hannah McKenzie, Lindsay Shelton, Johnny Morris, Marguerite Hurst; D: Peter Jackson, Costa Botes, Robert Sarkies; W: Peter Jackson, Costa Botes; C: Alun Bollinger; Nar: Jeffrey Thomas.