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ex·act / igˈzakt/ • adj. not approximated in any way; precise: the exact details were still being worked out. ∎  accurate or correct in all details: an exact replica was constructed. ∎  (of a person) tending to be accurate and careful about minor details: she was an exact, clever manager. ∎  (of a subject of study) permitting precise or absolute measurements as a basis for rigorously testable theories: psychomedicine isn't an exact science yet.• v. [tr.] demand and obtain (something, esp. a payment) from someone: tributes exacted from the Slavic peoples. ∎  inflict (revenge) on someone: a frustrated woman bent on exacting a cruel revenge for his rejection.DERIVATIVES: ex·act·a·ble adj.ex·ac·ti·tude / -təˌt(y)oōd/ n.ex·act·ness n.ex·ac·tor / -tər/ n.

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