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e·ject / iˈjekt/ • v. [tr.] (often be ejected) force or throw (something) out, typically in a violent or sudden way: many types of rock are ejected from volcanoes as solid, fragmentary material. ∎  cause (something) to drop out or be removed, usually mechanically: he ejected the spent cartridge. ∎  [intr.] (of a pilot) escape from an aircraft by being explosively propelled out of it: he flew to open sea, put the plane in a nosedive, and ejected. ∎  compel (someone) to leave a place: angry supporters were forcibly ejected from the court. ∎  dismiss (someone), esp. from political office. ∎  emit; give off: plants utilize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that animals eject. ∎  dispossess (a tenant) by legal process.DERIVATIVES: e·jec·tion / iˈjekshən/ n.

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