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326. Heroism (See also Bravery.)

  1. Achilles Greek hero without whom Troy could not have been taken. [Gk. Lit.: Iliad ]
  2. Aeneas Trojan hero; legendary founder of Roman race. [Rom. Lit.: Aeneid ]
  3. Argonauts those accompanying Jason to fetch Golden Fleece. [Gk. Myth.: Parrinder, 26]
  4. Arjuna hero of the civil war between two royal houses of ancient India. [Hindu Lit.: Mahabharata ]
  5. Arthur king and hero of Scotland, Wales, and England. [Arthurian Legend: Parrinder, 28]
  6. Bagradian, Gabriel leads heroic defense by a group of Armenians against the besieging Turks; is killed by a Turkish bullet. [Ger. Lit.: The Forty Days of Musa Dagh in Magill I, 291]
  7. Bellerophon rider of Pegasus; conquered monsters and Amazons. [Gk. Myth.: Parrinder, 42; Kravitz, 43]
  8. Beowulf saved Danes from monster Grendel. [Br. Lit.: Beowulf ]
  9. Cid Spanish knight renowned for exploits against Moors. [Span. Hist.: EB, 4: 615616 ]
  10. Cuchulain the Achilles of the Gael. [Irish Myth.: Benét, 239240]
  11. DArtagnan challenges horseman, rescues a lady, and earns fame as a doughty soldier. [Fr. Lit.: Dumas The Three Musketeers ]
  12. David boy who slew Goliath. [O.T.: Samuel: 18:451]
  13. Durward, Quentin seeking his fortune abroad, he saves the life of King Louis XI, wards off attacks by the kings enemies, and distinguishes himself in a seige. [Br. Lit.: Quentin Durward ]
  14. Edricson, Alleyne knighted for chivalry by the Black Prince. [Br. Lit.: The White Company in Magill I, 1108]
  15. Frithiof kills proud sea-kings, saves a king and queen from death, and defeats her brothers in battle. [Nor. Lit.: Haydn & Fuller, 275]
  16. Grettir the Strong Viking adventurer whose exploits are related in The Grettisaga. [Icelandic Lit.: Magill I, 335]
  17. Hanuman monkey deity, conqueror of demons, builder of a stone bridge from India to Ceylon. [Hindu Myth.: Colliers, IX, 214]
  18. Harmodius slew Hipparchus, brother of the tyrant Hippias. [Gk. Hist.: EB (1963) XI, 198]
  19. Hector King Priams son; dies fighting for Troy. [Gk. Lit.: Iliad ]
  20. Hercules completed tasks requiring great bravery, strength, and ingenuity. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 448]
  21. Hereward the Wake last of the English; dies defending home-land. [Br. Lit.: Hereward the Wake, Magill I, 367370]
  22. Hornblower, Captain Horatio victorious captain of HMS Lydia and HMS Sutherland. [Br. Lit.: Captain Horatio Hornblower ]
  23. Jason leader of the Argonauts. [Gk. Myth.: Payton, 347]
  24. Judith saved her city from the onslaught of Holofernes by beheading him during a drunken sleep. [Apocrypha: Judith 13:4-10 ]
  25. Leonidas Spartan king held off thousands of Persians at Thermopylae with a few hundred men. [Gk. Hist.: Bénet, 578]
  26. Prometheus stole divine fire for mans sake. [Gk. Myth.: Espy, 33]
  27. Richard the Lion-Hearted (11571199) nicknamed the Black Knight; performer of valorous deeds. [Br. Hist: EB, VIII: 566; Br. Lit.: Ivanhoe ]
  28. Rogers, Buck 25th-century adventurer who combats menacing aliens and other villains in order to save the world. [Comics: Berger, 93]
  29. Roland chief paladin of Charlemagne; renowned for his prowess. [Fr. Lit.: NCE, 2344]
  30. Samson hero of Israel. [O.T.: Judges 1316]
  31. Siegfried killed many great heroes, won the fabulous hoard of the Nibelungs, and was made invisible by the blood of a dragon he had slain. [Ger. Myth.: Nibelungenlied in Magill I, 653]
  32. Tancred crusader renowned for his fighting helps capture Jerusalem from the infidels. [Ital. Lit.: Jerusalem Delivered ; Ital. Opera: Rossini Tancredi ]
  33. Theseus hero of Attica who slew the Minotaur, conquered the Amazons, and helped drive off the Centaurs. [Gk. Myth.: Hamilton Mythology, 152]
  34. Worthies, the Nine nine heroes three each from the Bible, from the classical period, and from medieval romance who were frequently grouped together. [Pop. Culture: Brewer Dictionary, 694]


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her·o·ism / ˈherōˌizəm/ • n. great bravery.