Heathfield, battle of

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Heathfield, battle of, (battle of Haeth felth, battle of Hatfield Chase) 633. Here on the Lindsey–Elmet border, north of the Idle on Hatfield Chase, or possibly near Cuckney (Notts.), died Edwin of Deira, king of Northumbria, in circumstances which enabled his promotion as a saint. He was defeated on 12 October by the allies Penda of Mercia (pagan) and Cadwallon of Gwynedd (Christian), both threatened by Northumbrian expansion, and perhaps supported by Bernician royal exiles. Union of Deira and Bernicia was broken, and the progress of Northumbrian Christianity temporarily halted (the next kings reverting to paganism and Bishop Paulinus fleeing), to be resumed, under Oswald, under Irish rather than, as formerly, Roman influence.

A. E. Redgate