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Cuilén (d. 971), king of ‘Scotland’ (from 966). Son of Indulf, Cuilén became king following Dub's death fighting the men of Moray. He had challenged Dub unsuccessfully in 965, but had been defeated in battle at Duncrub (7 miles west of Perth). He was killed by Rhydderch son of King Dyfnwal of Strathclyde in a battle fought in Lothian. It is alleged that he had carried off Rhydderch's daughter. Cuilén had a Danish nickname, Hringr (ring-giver). This, his father's Danish name, and a brother called Olaf suggest that his family were particularly receptive to Scandinavian influence, and may be linked with the ‘hog-back’ grave-slabs characteristic of Danish north England found in Fife and Perthshire, perhaps indicating Danish immigration at this time.

Dauvit Broun