Buchan, John Comyn, earl of

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Buchan, John Comyn, earl of [S] (d. 1308). Buchan's career shows the difficulties faced by prominent Scots who wished to maintain the integrity of their country. Like the rest of his family he was a supporter of John Balliol, and hostile to the claims of Edward I. Yet he had at times to compromise, submitting to Edward in 1296 and being sent by him to suppress the rising of Andrew Murray in 1297. Instead, he joined the rising himself, fought at Falkirk against Edward, and was a leading figure on the Scottish side till what seemed to be Edward's final victory in 1304, after which he was prepared to co-operate in Edward's reorganization of Scottish government. We cannot say what he would have done in 1306 but for Bruce's murder of his cousin John Comyn of Badenoch, which forced him finally onto the English side. He was routed by Bruce at Inverurie in 1308, and his earldom was ravaged. He fled to England where he died soon after.

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Buchan, John Comyn, earl of

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