Buchan, Alexander Comyn, earl of

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Buchan, Alexander Comyn, earl of [S] (d. before 14 March 1290). Earl from 1244, and one of the six guardians of the realm from 1286 till his death. In youth, he was involved in many of the turbulent acts of his family, including the ravaging of the lands of the Bissets in 1242, and the violent seizure of the young Alexander III in 1257. During the minority of Alexander III he and his relatives repeatedly clashed with the supporters of Alan Durward in their efforts to control the council, but a compromise was reached in 1258; and thereafter Alexander appears more as a loyal and effective agent of the king. In 1264 he led the punishment of those in the Isles and Caithness who had supported the king of Norway in his campaign of 1263; and became constable of Scotland by 1275. He died just before the crisis of 1290. From being a disturber of order in his youth, he had become a respected elder statesman.

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