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al-Hasan b. ʿAli (d. 669–70 (AH 49)). Second Shīʿa Imam̄, son of ʿAlī and Fāṭima, and claimant to the Caliphate until he renounced the office in favour of Muʿāwiyyah. Muʿawiyyah rewarded him with a generous settlement and a subsidy of a million dirhams. The Shīʿa contend that Hasan was a martyr by being poisoned to death by Muʿāwiyyah. However, this is unlikely since Muʿāwiyyah had already neutralized him and Muʿāwiyyah was not a man to commit an unnecessary crime when his design had already succeeded. It is more likely that he died of consumption.

views updated

Hasan (Jap.). The ‘interruption’ of Zen Buddhist training which comes about with the experience of enlightenment (kensho, satori). One who rests in the experience rapidly falls back.

views updated

Hasan (son of ʿAli): see AL-HASAN.

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