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The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) is a nonprofit administrative support organization for office professionals, with over 40,000 members internationally. Membership is usually organized by chapters. IAAP seeks to support administrative professional excellence by providing professional development opportunities through a wide variety of activities. IAAP places high value on integrity, encouragement, leadership, loyalty, professionalism, relevance, pride, connection, and individual importance.

IAAP (then known as the National Secretaries Association [NSA]) was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1942, by a group of secretaries who wanted the role of the secretary to take on a more professional image. In 1951 NSA introduced an examination known as the Certified Professional Secretaries Examination (which became the Certified Administration Professionals Examination) that provided members with the opportunity to demonstrate excellence in office skills and earn the designation "certified professional secretary."

In 1952 National Secretaries Day was introduced to recognize the hard work of women office workers. The tradition continues, and the fourth week of April is set aside as Administrative Professionals Week, recognizing all office workers.

IAAP offers online publications and other publications for purchase as well as a bimonthly journal called the Office Pro. An annual international convention is held as well as several regional conventions.


IAAP defines the term administrative professional as "an individual who is responsible for completing administrative tasks and coordinating and supporting information and individuals in an office environment" ( The tasks performed by an administrative professional require outstanding skills in the areas of communication, technology, and management.

IAAP continues to be an outstanding and unique resource in meeting the needs of administrative professionals by providing diversified opportunities limited only by the individual member's motivation and quest for excellence in the profession.

The IAAP may be contacted at 10502 NW Ambassador Drive, PO Box 20404, Kansas City, MO 64195-0404; or

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