Stone Mason

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Stone Mason

Masonry is the building material used for the construction of brick, concrete, and rock structures. A stone mason constructs, erects, installs, and repairs structures using brick, concrete block insulation, and other masonry units. Walls, arches, floors, and chimneys are some of the structures that a stone mason builds or repairs.

Part of the responsibility of a stone mason is to cut and trim masonry materials to certain specifications. A stone mason's work tools include a framing square for setting project outlines, levels for setting forms, a line level for making layouts and setting slope, and a tape measure.

Masons need a working knowledge of ratios for mixing concrete and mortar. A foundation in algebra and geometry is helpful for laying out a

building site, and for building the frames that will contain the object being built. An ability to calculate slope, volume, and area is important for a stone mason. A basic knowledge of trade math is required for most stone mason training programs and apprenticeships.

Marilyn Schwader


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