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Born in Boston, MA; son of an actor and an actress. Education: Studied acting with Jeff Corey and Corey Allen.

Addresses: Agent Diverse Talent Group, 1875 Century Park East, Suite 2250, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Career: Actor and writer.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Diavolo, The Young Savages, United Artists, 1961.

Hippie on LSD, The LoveIns, Columbia, 1967.

Guard, Three the Hard Way, Allied Artists, 1974.

Dealer, Fyre, Compass International, 1978.

Himself, Sunset People (documentary), 1984.

Johnny Blake, Retribution, Taurus Entertainment Company, 1988.

Jerry the bartender, The Majestic, Warner Bros., 2001.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Harold Wagner, The Blue Knight, NBC, 1973.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Sandy, Dark Victory, NBC, 1976.

Harry Tiezer, The Clone Master, NBC, 1978.

Manny, Condor, CBS, 1986.

George, Trenchcoat in Paradise, CBS, 1989.

Plastic surgeon, Stepfather III (also known as Stepfather 3: Father's Day ), HBO, 1992.

Nick Bezis, Earth vs. the Spider, Cinemax, 2001.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Waiter, Wonder Woman, ABC, 1974.

Pasquale Serpico, Serpico: The Deadly Game (also known as The Deadly Game ), NBC, 1976.

Angie, The Hunted Lady, NBC, 1977.

Highranking suit, B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1978.

Morris, Old Money, CBS, 1988.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Nicky, "Nicky," The Untouchables, 1960.

Rafael, "Circumstantial Evidence," Surfside 6, ABC, 1961.

Tony McLaughlin, "The Malignant Hearts," Target: The Corruptors, 1962.

Leader, "Kincaid," Stoney Burke, ABC, 1963.

Private Barducci, "A Million Miles from Clary," The Lieutenant, NBC, 1963.

Dominic, "Quantico," The F.B.I., ABC, 1966.

Zeppo, "Son of a Gypsy," The Monkees, NBC, 1966.

Angelo, "The Locket," All in the Family, CBS, 1972.

"Town of Terror," The F.B.I., ABC, 1973.

Stacy Vernon, "Conspiracy of Terror," Barnaby Jones, 1974.

"The Five and a Half Pound Junkie," Baretta, ABC, 1975.

Bingo, "The Witness," Police Story, NBC, 1975.

"Deliver Me from Innocence," The Rookies, ABC, 1976.

Pasquale Serpico, "The Deadly Game," Serpico, NBC, 1976.

Marty, "Hot Dog," The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1976.

Roy Stubbing, "Spitfire," Police Story, NBC, 1977.

"The Reunion," Baretta, ABC, 1977.

George Willis, "Loan Shark," Barney Miller, ABC, 1978.

"Conspiracy in Blue," Kaz, CBS, 1979.

"Untitled," Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, NBC, 1980.

Vincent Turso, "Guns," Barney Miller, ABC, 1980.

Ira Russo, "Resignation," Barney Miller, ABC, 1981.

Anthony Shapper, "Advancement," Barney Miller, ABC, 1981.

"The Arrival," Barney Miller, ABC, 1982.

Deluca, "Old Love," Barney Miller, ABC, 1982.

"Give My Regrets to Broadway," Alice, CBS, 1982.

"Takeover," McClain's Law, 1982.

"Sweet Erasable Mel," Alice, CBS, 1983.

Mario, "Jolene Throws a Curve," Alice, CBS, 1984.

"The Long Fuse," Jesse, 1984.

Henry Collender, "Anniversary Dinner," Tales from the Darkside, syndicated, 1985.

Man, "Sweet Charity," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1985.

Mario Eisenhower, "Halloween, Too," Night Court, NBC, 1985.

Man, "The Thief," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1986.

Ticket holder, "Symphony in Knocked Flat," Moonlighting, ABC, 1986.

Man #4, "Jobless," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1987.

Crook, "Vertical," Sledge Hammer!, 1987.

Arthur Malencon, "Home Soil," Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated, 1988.

Man #1, "Fat Cats," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1988.

"Dead on Target: Parts 1 & 2," Hunter, NBC, 1988.

Wino, "Smooth Operators," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1989.

Walter Hilbar, "His Suit Is Hersuit," L.A. Law, NBC, 1989.

Tony, "Ordinary Heroes," Life Goes On, ABC, 1989.

Tony, "Pigo'MyHeart," Life Goes On, ABC, 1990.

"Every Dog Has Its Day," Hardball, NBC, 1990.

Sam, "Out of Control," The Flash, CBS, 1990.

Man #1, "Home Again, Rose: Part 1," The Golden Girls, NBC, 1992.

Ghost of Halloween present, "Halloween IV," Roseanne, ABC, 1992.

Vendor, "Go for the Old," Married ... with Children, Fox, 1993.

Sid Rivers, "The Perfect Alibi," Silk Stalkings, USA Network, 1993.

Charlie Donnetti, "The Statue," The Good Life, NBC, 1994.

Ronald, "My Cup Runneth Over," Coach, ABC, 1994.

Manager, "George Destroys a Way of Life," The George Carlin Show, Fox, 1994.

Guy, "Halloween," Sister, Sister, The WB, 1995.

Mancuso, "Father Knows Bets," California Dreams, 1996.

Checker, "Everybody's Stalking," Boston Common, NBC, 1996.

Jimmy, "The Rebound," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 1998.

Primo, "TieDying the Knot," Dharma & Greg, ABC, 1999.

Primo, "Law and Disorder," Dharma & Greg, ABC, 1999.

Mr. Tanzi, "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic," ER, NBC, 2001.

Mr. Bryant, "Boston Terriers from France," Judging Amy, CBS, 2002.

Guy, "We're Having a Baby," Yes, Dear, CBS, 2002.

Tony Gabrielli, "HalfAshed," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2002.

Also appeared as Mario, Hell Town, NBC; race track fan, Mad about You, NBC; Rooney, The Second Half, NBC; Death, Working, NBC; patient, Everything's Relative, NBC.


Television Stories; Episodic:

(With Judith Anne Nielsen, Richard William Beban, and Bob Colleary) "Loan Shark," Barney Miller, 1978.

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