Rocha, Dardo (1838–1921)

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Rocha, Dardo (1838–1921)

Dardo Rocha (b. 1 September 1838; d. 6 September 1921), Argentine jurist and politician. Born in Buenos Aires, Rocha obtained a doctorate in law at the university in 1863. Gravitating to politics, he became known as an orator. He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1873 and to the Senate in 1874, becoming its presiding officer in 1877. In 1881 he was elected governor of the province of Buenos Aires. In that post he is best remembered as the founder of La Plata, designed to be the provincial capital city following the federalization of the city of Buenos Aires in 1882, when the latter became the national capital. Following his unsuccessful bid for the national presidency in 1884, Rocha served on the national Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Buenos Aires Province.

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Rocha, Dardo (1838–1921)

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