Revill, Clive 1930- (Clive Revel)

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Revill, Clive 1930- (Clive Revel)


Full name, Clive Selsby Revill; born April 18, 1930, in Wellington, New Zealand; son of Malet Barford and Eleanor May (maiden name, Neel) Revill; married Valerie Nelson (divorced); married Suzi Schor (divorced); children: (second marriage) one daughter. Education: Attended Rongotai College; Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand; and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, 1950-52; received some training as an accountant; earned pilot's license. Avocational Interests: Golf, driving, and flying.


Agent—Henderson Hogan Agency, 8929 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 312, Beverly Hills, CA; Arlene Thornton and Associates, 12711 Ventura Blvd., Suite 490, Studio City, CA 32767.


Actor. Appeared in productions with the Ipswich Repertory Theatre Company, 1953-55; and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, 1956-c. 1958.

Awards, Honors:

Antoinette Perry Award, best featured actor in a musical, 1961, for Irma La Douce; Antoinette Perry Award nomination, best actor in a musical, 1963, for Oliver!; Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actor in a motion picture, 1973, for Avanti!


Stage Appearances:

(Stage debut) Sebastian, Twelfth Night, Auckland, New Zealand, 1950.

(Broadway debut) Sam Weller, Mr. Pickwick, Plymouth Theatre, 1952.

(London debut) Pearson, Listen to the Wind, Arts Theatre, 1955.

Trinculo, The Tempest, Drury Lane Theatre, London, 1957.

Ratty, Toad of Toad Hall, Drury Lane Theatre, 1957.

Bob-Le-Hotu, Irma La Douce, Lyric Theatre, London, 1958-1960, then Plymouth Theatre, 1960-61.

Ko-Ko, The Mikado, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 1962.

Fagin, Oliver!, Imperial Theatre, New York City, 1963-64.

Jean-Paul Marat, The Marat/Sade, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych Theatre, London, 1964.

Barabas, The Jew of Malta, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych Theatre, 1964.

Sheridan Whiteside, Sherry, Alvin Theatre, New York City, 1967.

The General, The Unknown Soldier and His Wife, Chichester Festival, Chichester, England, c. 1968-c. 1969.

Caliban, The Tempest, Chichester Festival, c. 1968-c. 1969.

Mr. Antrobus, The Skin of Our Teeth, Chichester Festival, c. 1968-c. 1969.

A Who's Who of Flapland, Royal Court Theatre, London, and Theatre Upstairs, London, 1969.

Max Beerbohm, The Incomparable Max, Royale Theatre, New York City, 1971.

Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes, Broadhurst Theatre, New York City, 1975.

Clare Quilty, Lolita, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York City, 1981.

Also appeared in Cymbeline; Hamlet; Julius Caesar; King John; Love's Labour's Lost; Measure for Measure; The Merchant of Venice; The Tempest.

Major Tours:

Major General Stanley, Pirates of Penzance, U.S. cities, 1981-c. 1982.

William Cartwright/Your Chairman, Drood! (also known as The Mystery of Edwin Drood), U.S. cities, 1988.

Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Royal Air Force batman who helps Badger with his new legs, Reach for the Sky, J. Arthur Rank, 1957.

(Uncredited) Art student, The Horse's Mouth, 1958.

The Ghost of the Fourth Earl of Ambrose, The Headless Ghost, American International, 1959.

Sergeant Andrews, Bunny Lake Is Missing, Columbia, 1965.

Once Upon a Tractor, 1965.

Dr. Menken, A Fine Madness, Warner Bros., 1966.

Inspector "Manny" McGinnis, Kaleidoscope (also known as The Bank Breaker), Warner Bros., 1966.

McWhirter/Sheik Abu Tahir, Modesty Blaise, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1966.

Frank Wheatly, The Double Man, Warner Bros., 1967.

Sergi Serapkin, Fathom, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1967.

Joseph, The High Commissioner (also known as Nobody Runs Forever), Cinerama, 1968.

Charles, Italian Secret Service (also known as Les russes ne boiront pas de Coca Cola!), Cineriz, 1968.

Vucovich, The Shoes of the Fisherman, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1968.

Cesare Sado, The Assassination Bureau (also known as The Assassination Bureau Limited), Paramount, 1969.

Rogozhin, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, United Artists, 1970.

George, The Buttercup Chain, Columbia, 1971.

Alexander Lynch-Gibbon, A Severed Head, Columbia, 1971.

Lord Hammond, Boulevard du rhum (also known as El bulevar del ron, Rum Runners, and La via del rhum), 1971.

Carlo Carlucci, Avanti! (also known as Che cosa e successo tra mio padre e tua madre?), United Artists, 1972.

The Drunk, Escape to the Sun (also known as Bricha El hashemesh), Cinevision, 1972.

Mr. (Lionel) Barrett, The Legend of Hell House, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1973.

Bay of Algiers, Ghost in the Noonday Sun, 1973.

Alf Chestermann, The Black Windmill, Universal, 1974.

The businessman, The Little Prince, Paramount, 1974.

Ballad singer, Galileo (also known as Galileo Galilei and Bertolt Brecht's "Galileo Galilei"), American Film Theatre, 1975.

Quon, One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing, Buena Vista, 1975.

John Fennel, Licking Hitler, 1977.

Billy Baker, Matilda, American International, 1978.

Voice of Emperor Palpatine, The Empire Strikes Back (also known as Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1980.

Garcia, Zorro, the Gay Blade, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1981.

Ko-Ko, The Mikado (also known as The Town of Titipu), 1982.

Voice of Kickback, The Transformers (animated; also known as Matrix Forever, Transformers the Movie: Mokushiroku Matrix yo eien ni, and The Transformers: Matrix yo eien ni), DEG, 1986.

King Mezzer, Rumpelstiltskin, Cannon, 1987.

Prime minister, The Emperor's New Clothes (also known as Cannon Movie Tales: "The Emperor's New Clothes"), 1987.

King Mezzer, Rumpelstilskin (also known as Cannon Movie Tales: Rumpelstilskin), 1987.

King William, The Frog Prince (also known as Cannon Movie Tales: "The Frog Prince"), 1988.

Dr. Kellaway, C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D., Vestron, 1989.

Money Matthew, Mack the Knife (also known as The Threepenny Opera), 21st Century, 1990.

Peirrepoint, Let Him Have It (also known as L'age de vivre), Fine Line, 1991.

Fire Marshal, Robin Hood: Men in Tights (also known as Sacre Robin des bois), 1993.

(Re-edited version) Voice of King Nod, The Princess and the Cobbler (also known as Arabian Knight and The Thief and the Cobbler), 1993.

Voice of King Nod, Arabian Night (animated), Miramax, 1995.

Radio announcer, Delta of Venus, New Line Cinema, 1995.

Sykes, Dracula: Dead and Loving It (also known as Dracula mort et heureux de l'etre), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1995.

Morgenfeller, The Wacky Adventures of Dr. Boris and Nurse Shirley, Seventh Art Releasing, 1995.

London, Possums, Monarch Home Video, 1998.

Rupert Masters, Intrepid (also known as Deep Water), 2000.

Zamytov, Crime and Punishment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2002.

Narrator, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (animated), Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2004.

Leo, Polar Opposites, Regent Entertainment, 2008.

Also appeared in Once Upon a Tractor.

Film Additional Voices:

Return to Never Land (also known as Peter Pan in "Return to Never Land"), Buena Vista, 2002.

Television Appearances; Series:

Voice of Chico, The Boy with Two Heads (also known as Chico the Rainmaker), 1974.

Wizard Vector, Wizards and Warriors, CBS, 1983.

Voice of Kickback and additional voices, Transformers (animated; also known as Transformers: 2010, The Transformers, Super God Robot Force, Transformers: Generation 1, and Tatakae! Cho robot seimeitai TRANSFORMERS), 1984.

Voice of storyteller, Dragon's Lair (animated), ABC, 1984-85.

Voice, Turbo-Teen (animated), 1984-85.

Voice of Galeo, Snorks (animated), 1984-86.

Voice, Pound Puppies (animated), ABC, 1986-88.

Frost, Mama's Boy, NBC, 1987-88.

Graham McKinley, Probe, 1988.

Voice of Potsworth, Potsworth & Co. (animated; also known as Midnight Patrol), 1990.

Voice of Alfred Pennyworth, Batman: The Animated Series (animated; also known as Batman and The Adventures of Batman & Robin), Fox, 1992.

Dunhill, The Preston Episodes, Fox, 1995.

Television Additional Voices; Series:

Mighty Mouse, the New Adventures (animated), 1987.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Finlay Perkin, Centennial, NBC, 1978.

Lord Loudoun, George Washington, CBS, 1984.

Notary Jacquermine, Feast of All Saints (also known as Anne Rice's "The Feast of All Saints"), Showtime, 2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Dundas Slater, The Great Houdini (also known as The Great Houdinis), ABC, 1976.

Joe Devlin, Columbo: The Conspirators, 1978.

Victor De Salle, She's Dressed to Kill (also known as Someone's Killing the World's Greatest Models), NBC, 1979.

Berenkov, Charlie Muffin (also known as A Deadly Game), 1979.

Dr. Dussel, The Diary of Anne Frank, NBC, 1980.

Charlie Chaplin, Moviola: The Scarlet O'Hara War (also known as Moviola and The Scarlett O'Hara), NBC, 1980.

Tea Bags, Joe Dancer: The Monkey Mission (also known as The Monkey Mission), NBC, 1981.

Raul, Samson and Delilah, ABC, 1984.

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, 1984.

The Ferret, 1985.

Vincent Faunce, A Masterpiece of a Murder, NBC, 1986.

Jake Spanner, Private Eye (also known as Hoodwinked and The Old Dick), USA Network, 1989.

Thomas C. "Cookie" Mugridge, The Sea Wolf, TNT, 1993.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Billy Wilder, 1970.

Harry Pitkin, The Ambassador, CBS, 1974.

Coachman, Pinocchio, CBS, 1976.

Rumpelstilskin, "The King with Eight Daughters," Once Upon a Brothers Grimm, 1977.

The Screen Actors Guild 50th Anniversary Celebration, CBS, 1984.

John Wellington Wells, The Sorcerer (part of "Compleat Gilbert and Sullivan" series), PBS, 1985.

Sylvia Fine Kayes Musical Comedy Tonight III (The Spark and the Glue), PBS, 1985.

Voice of the snark/the goat, Alice Through the Looking Glass, 1987.

Voice, The Butter Battle Book (animated), TNT, 1989.

Also appeared in Barn Pow; Ben Franklin in Paris; A Bit of Vision; Hopcroft in Europe; Nobody's Perfect; A Sprig of Broome; Volpone; Zapp.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

E. P. Woodhouse, Allison's Assistant, Winner Take All, CBS, 1977.

Erik Clawson, Death Ray 2000 (also known as T. R. Sloane), NBC, 1981.

Dr. Carey, 13 Thirteenth Avenue, CBS, 1983.

Prime Minister Weyback, Royal Match, CBS, 1985.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"The Makepeace Story #1: The Ruthless Dynasty," BBC Sunday Night Theatre, BBC, 1955.

"The Makepeace Story #3: Family Business," BBC Sunday Night Theatre, BBC, 1955.

Horatio, "Too Many Earls," The Adventures of Robin Hood (also known as Robin Hood), ITV and CBS, 1957.

Boyle, "The Last Hangman," The DuPont Show of the Week, NBC, 1963.

Fagin (scene from Oliver), Toast of the Town (also known as The Ed Sullivan Show), CBS, 1964.

Harry Kahn, "The Wesker Trilogy: Chicken Soup with Barley," Theatre 625, BBC, 1966.

Herman Boff, "Coincidence," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1968.

Walter Trapnell, "Bam! Pow! Zapp!," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1969.

"Home Is Where You Hand Your Hat," Thirty-Minute Theatre, BBC, 1970.

Burgess, "Candida," Play of the Month, 1971.

Nicolai Triletski, Sasha's brother, "Platonov," Play of the Month, BBC, 1971.

Howard K. Fleming, "Welcome to the City," Brett, BBC, 1971.

Howard K. Fleming, "Never Squeeze a Cherrystone," Brett, BBC, 1971.

Howard K. Fleming, "The Trump Card," Brett, BBC, 1971.

Patrick, "The Piano Player," ITV Saturday Night Theatre (also known as ITV Sunday Night Theatre), ITV, 1972.

Rolf, "The Penitent Invader," Arthur of the Britons, HTV, 1972.

Roy Blundell, "Pill Hill," Thirty-Minute Theatre, BBC, 1972.

Lord Barnes, "The Constance Missal," Jason King, ITV, 1972.

Rolf, "Rolf the Preacher," Arthur of the Britons, HTV, 1973.

Professor Elliot, "Maude's Rejection," Maude, 1976.

Mark Crayford, "Dead Men Are Dangerous," The New Avengers (also known as Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir and The New Avengers in Canada), ITV, 1977.

Teague, "The Pirate," Young Dan's Boone, 1977.

Phil Bronson, "The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom: Parts 1 & 2," The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (also known as The Nancy Drew Mysteries), 1977.

Colonel James Barrington-Stone, "Here a Spy, There a Spy," The Feather and Father Gang, 1977.

Dymschitz, "Marya," Play of the Month, 1979.

Morgan Lancaster, "Demon's Triangle," A Man Called Sloane, 1979.

Anthony Belmont, "Backlash," Vega$, 1981.

Zabin, "Harts on Their Toes," Hart to Hart, 1982.

Doctor Ellis Harvey, "Love among the Steele," Remington Steele, 1983.

Professor Ryan, "E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)," The Facts of Life, 1984.

Andre Bender, "Model for Murder," T. J. Hooker, 1984.

Warren Ballard, "Disappearance," Dynasty, 1984.

Warren Ballard, "The Mortgage," Dynasty, 1984.

Warren Ballard, "Fallon," Dynasty, 1984.

Scene of the Crime, NBC, 1984.

Jonathan Hawley, "Murder to a Jazz Beat," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1985.

Harley Douglas, "Sing for a Day," Three's a Crowd (also known as Three's Company Too), 1985.

Clyde Royce, "Reel Trouble," The Fall Guy, 1985.

Prime Minister, "The Emperor New Clothes," Faerie Tale Theatre (also known as Shelley Duvall's "Fearie Tale Theatre"), Showtime, 1985.

"Happily Ever After/Have I Got a Job for You/Mr. Smith Goes to Minikulu," The Love Boat, ABC, 1986.

Inky, "I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway," Magnum, P.I., 1986.

Rockne's agent, "Personal Demons," The Twilight Zone (also known as The New Twilight Zone), 1986.

Ben Williams, "Saturday in New York with George," Newhart, 1986.

"Rain, Rain Go Away," Bustin Loose, 1987.

Anthony Braddock, "D.O.A.: MacGyver," MacGyver, 1987.

Scotland Yard Inspector Westcott, "Sledgepoo," Sledge Hammer! (also known as Sledge Hammer: The Early Years), 1987.

Shedlock Jones, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck," DuckTales (animated; also known as Disney's "DuckTales"), 1987.

Bert Davies, "Curse of the Daanav," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1988.

Hector, "Twist," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, 1988.

Louise's dad, "The British Are Coming," Dear John, 1989.

Lord Andrew Fraser, "Lullaby," Hunter, 1990.

Mr. Pipp, "Pile of Death," Get a Life, 1990.

Voice, Tom and Jerry Kids (animated), Fox, 1990.

Voice of Shakespeare, "Weirdest Story Ever Told," Tiny Toon Adventures (animated; also known as Steven Spielberg Presents: "Tiny Toon Adventures"), 1991.

Sir Guy of Gisbourne, "Qpid," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as Star Trek: TNG), 1992.

Voice of Sorcerer Blowfish, "Giggles," The Little Mermaid (animated), 1993.

Trakis, "Born to the Purple," Babylon 5 (also known as B5), syndicated, 1994.

Voice of Spanger, "In Arm's Way," Freakazoid! (animated), The WB, 1995.

Voice of Baffeardin, "And Fanboy Is His Name," Freakazoid! (animated), The WB, 1995.

Sorcerer, "Soul Mates," Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1996.

Voice of hunter number one and Trench, "Village of the Doomed," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated; also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures), Cartoon Network and syndicated, 1996.

Voice of harpooner and medical officer, "East of Zanzibar," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated; also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures), Cartoon Network and syndicated, 1996.

Voice, Adventures from the Book of Virtues, PBS, 1996.

Hendricks, "When A. Lansing Loves a Woman," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1996.

Claude Bell, "Last Call," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1997.

Professor Nesler, "Talking Trash," Step by Step, ABC, 1997.

Voice of king, "Brainie the Poo/Melancholy Brain," Pinky and the Brain (animated), The WB, 1998.

Voice of Eustace McPahil, "DeadLoch," Godzilla: The Series, 1999.

Mr. Bernie Pimmler, "Cher's Weekend at Bernie's," Clueless, 1999.

Albert Turner, "The Butler Did It," The Closer, TNT, 2005.

Also appeared in Doopy, Master Detective (animated); as Trevor Dial, "Tea Trial," Fortune Hunter.


Video Games:

Voice of General Dodonna, Star Wars: X-Wing, 1993.

(As Clive Revel) Voice, Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, 1996.

Voice of Hawkes, Conquest: Frontier Wars, 2001.

Voice of Thorin, The Hobbit, Sierra Entertainment, 2003.

(English version) Voice of Rhobar, Gothic 3, 2006.

Voice of Dr. Doom, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, 2006.

Voice of British officers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Eurocom Entertainment Software, 2007.

Video Games (as Additional Voices):

The Hobbit, Sierra Entertainment, 2003.

The Bard's Tale, InXile Entertainment, 2004.