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REVISTA CULTULUI MOZAIC ("Jewish Religious Review"), a fortnightly review published in Romanian by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania. It was founded in 1956, and by 1970 was the only Jewish newspaper in Romania. Appearing in three languages, Romanian, Yiddish, and Hebrew, it was the only periodical in the countries of Eastern Europe with a Hebrew section. It was edited by Moses *Rosen, chief rabbi of Romania. The review's propaganda for the government was, generally speaking, slight, appearing chiefly for special occasions such as parliamentary elections. Other articles have dealt with the Romanian national festival, the eastern bloc's version of the struggle for peace, and similar subjects. In addition to traditional religious material, the review devotes much space to articles on the history of Romanian Jewish communities, Jewish personalities, Jewish writers, and economic life. News appears from Israel and Jewish groups in the Diaspora. Other features are translations from Yiddish and rabbinic literature.

[Theodor Lavi]

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