Révész, Béla

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RÉVÉSZ, BÉLA (1876–1944), Hungarian journalist and author. Révész was on the staff of the Social Democrat daily newspaper Népszava from 1906 and became a permanent member of its editorial board. Socialist in outlook, he often dealt with Jewish subjects and showed religious sentiment. His friendship with the great Hungarian poet, Endre Ady (1877–1919) led to his able biographical studies of Ady, published in 1935. Révész also wrote a biography of M. *Nordau (1940). After the Nazi invasion he was arrested together with other Jewish journalists, and is thought to have perished in Auschwitz. His works include Vonagló falvak ("Villages in Agony," 1914), Emberek arca ("Faces of Men"), and Velük-értük ("With Them–For Them," 1961).


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