Mykytiuk, Lubomir

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(Les Makita, Lubomir Myktiuk)


Surname is pronounced Mick-ey-tuke; born in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine); immigrated to Canada as a child; raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Education: Attended Loyola College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; New York University, M.F.A.

Career: Actor. Worked as an actor in radio productions.

Awards, Honors: Gemini Award nomination, best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a dramatic series, Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, 1996, and Gemini Award, best performance by an actor in a featured supporting role in a dramatic series, 1997, both for North of 60.


Television Appearances; Series:

Gerry Kisilenko, North of 60, CBC, 1992–98.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Jan Zurakowski, The Arrow (also known as Projet arrow), CBC, 1997.

Degtyar, Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story, CBS, 2002.

Banker, Lives of the Saints, CTV, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Turning to Stone (also known as Concrete Hell), CBC, 1985.

Josef Pandev, Giant Mine, CBC, 1996.

Gerry Kisilenko, In the Blue Ground, 1999.

Gerry Kisilenko, Trial by Fire, CBC, 2000.

Dr. Tillet (some sources cite Dr. Tillel), Dangerous Child (also known as Un fils en colere), Lifetime, 2001.

Gerry Kisilenko, Dream Storm (also known as Dream-storm: A North of 60 Mystery), 2001.

Gerry Kisilenko, Another Country (also known as Another Country: A North of 60 Mystery), 2003.

Mikhail Gorbachev, The Reagans, Showtime, 2003.

Gerry Kisilenko, Distant Drumming: A North of 60 Mystery, CBC, 2005.

Kotowski, Shania: A Life in Eight Albums, CBC, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Reece, "Sting Like a Butterfly," Street Legal, CBC, 1987.

Dr. Chadway, "Better Off Dead," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday's Curse and Friday the 13th: The Series), syndicated, 1989.

Josef Dolmatov, "Deja Vu All Over Again," La Femme Nikita (also known as Nikita), USA Network, 2001.

Ethan Brownstein, "Reversal of Fortune," Street Time, Showtime, 2002.

(As Lubomir Myktiuk) Dean Armstrong, "Episode 313," Queer as Folk, Showtime, 2003.

Appeared as Jonas Schulman, Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, CanWest Global Television and syndicated. Appeared in episodes of Missing (also known as 1-800-Missing), Lifetime; and Tom Stone, CBC.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Gerry Kisilenko, North of 60, CBC, 1992.

"The Tech," Jake 2.0, UPN, 2003.

Appeared in the pilot Justice, CanWest Global Television.

Film Appearances:

Paper Wheat (documentary), National Film Board of Canada, 1979.

Scenes from Paper Wheat (documentary), National Film Board of Canada, 1981.

Gem Club gambler, The Big Town, Columbia, 1987.

Narrator, Dandelions for Jobs (short documentary film; also known as Les dents du lion), National Film Board of Canada, 1987.

First immigration officer, Milk and Honey, Castle Hill Productions, 1988.

Lieutenant Topolski, Still Life (also known as Art Killer Framed and Still Life: The Fine Art of Murder), Bucko Pictures, 1988.

(As Les Makita) Tony Belvano, No Angel, Caruso Visual Productions, 1992.

Dr. Gavril, K-19: The Widowmaker (also known as K∗19: The Widowmaker and K-19: Terreur sous la mer), Paramount, 2002.

Rabbi Tsion Ben Judah, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, Cloud Ten Pictures, 2002.

Spassky, The Sum of All Fears (also known as Der Anschlag), Paramount, 2002.

Stage Appearances:

The Promise, Centaur Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, c. 1973.

Nothing to Lose, Centaur Theatre, 1976.

Les temps d'une vie, Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1978.

Winter Dancers, Centaur Theatre, 1979.

In the Jungle of Cities, Toronto Free Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, c. 1983.

Talley's Folly, Bathurst Street Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1984.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Mainstage, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, c. 1990.

Master Class, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Mainstage, c. 1990.

Uncle Vanya, Centaur Theatre, c. 1993.

Roy Cohn, Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, Part One: Millennium Approaches (also known as Angels in America), Manitoba Theatre Centre, Warehouse Theatre, c. 1995.

Peck, How I Learned to Drive, Centaur Theatre, 1998.

Adolph Freitag, Last Night of Ballyhoo, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 2000, and Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Marc, Art, Centaur Theatre, 2001.

The Mousetrap, Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, c. 2002.

Appeared in The Price, Theatre Plus, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Appeared in several other productions, including appearances at the Stratford Festival of Canada, Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Major Tours:

Paper Wheat, 25th Street House Theatre production, Canadian cities, beginning 1977.


Writings for the Stage; Major Tours:

(With others) Paper Wheat, 25th Street House Theatre production, Canadian cities, beginning 1977.