Fryman, Pamela

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FRYMAN, Pamela

(Pam Fryman)


Full name, Pamela G. Fryman.

Addresses: Agent—Broder/Webb/Chervin/Silbermann, 9242 Beverly Blvd., Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Career: Director and producer. Scrambled Eggs Productions, partner.

Member: Directors Guild of America.

Awards, Honors: Directors Guild of America Award nominations, outstanding directorial achievement in comedy series, 1998, 2000, and 2001, all for Frasier; Directors Guild of America Award nomination, outstanding directorial achievement in comedy series, 1999, for Just Shoot Me!.


Television Director; Movies:

Count Me In, NBC, 2001.

Television Director; Episodic:

"Dog Duty," Muddling Through, CBS, 1994.

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?," Muddling Through, CBS, 1994.

"Oh, Brother," Cafe Americain, NBC, 1994.

"The One with the East German Laundry Detergent," Friends, NBC, 1994.

"Ooh, Maybe Baby," Muddling Through, CBS, 1994.

"The Beeper," Bringing Up Jack, ABC, 1995.

"Close Personal Friends," Bringing Up Jack, ABC, 1995.

"Gimme an R–Y–A–N," Bringing Up Jack, ABC, 1995.

"If It Ain't Broke, Break It," Bless This House, CBS, 1995.

"Saturday in the Park with Jack," Bringing Up Jack, ABC, 1995.

Dweebs, CBS, 1995.

"The Bowling Method," Bless This House, CBS, 1996.

"Caroline and the Cereal," Caroline in the City (also known as Caroline), NBC, 1996.

"Come Back Lil' Tina," Hope and Gloria, NBC, 1996.

"Day 1304: Evaluation," Good Company, CBS, 1996.

"Day 1308: Downsizing," Good Company, CBS, 1996.

"Friends and Lovers," Ned and Stacey, Fox, 1996.

"Going Out with a Bang," Cybill, CBS, 1996.

"One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Stereo," Bless This House, CBS, 1996.

"The Parents: Part 1," The Naked Truth (also known as Wilde Again), ABC, 1996.

"A Sentimental Education," Hope and Gloria, NBC, 1996.

"Shocking Tales of Hollywood Gunplay!," The Naked Truth (also known as Wilde Again), ABC, 1996.

"Three Women and a Dummy," Cybill, CBS, 1996.

Townies, ABC, 1996.

"All of Me," Cybill, CBS, 1997.

"The Baby–Sitter's Club," Fired Up, NBC, 1997.

"Beat the Clock," Fired Up, NBC, 1997.

"I Didn't Write This," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1997.

"In Her Dreams," Cybill, CBS, 1997.

"It's My Nana and I'll Cry If I Want To," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1997.

"The Job," George & Leo, CBS, 1997.

"Just Friends?," The Single Guy, NBC, 1997.

"Love and Divorce American Style: Parts 1 & 2," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1997.

"The One at the Beach," Friends, NBC, 1997.

"The Spa: Part 2" (also known as "The Parents: Part 2"), The Naked Truth (also known as Wilde Again), NBC, 1997.

"Truth and Consequences," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1997.

"The Two Mrs. Rizzos," Pearl, CBS, 1997.

"The Wedding," George & Leo, CBS, 1997.

Frasier, NBC, episodes from 1997–2001.

"Head First," The King of Queens, CBS, 1998.

"The Massage: Part 1," George & Leo, CBS, 1998.

"The Nanny," George & Leo, CBS, 1998.

"The Rock," The King of Queens, CBS, 1998.

Just Shoot Me, NBC, episodes from 1998–2003.

"Drive, Norm Said," Norm (also known as The Norm Show), ABC, 1999.

"The Dry Spell," Three Sisters, NBC, 2001.

"Let's Go to the Videotape," Inside Schwartz, NBC, 2001.

"The Mattress Kings," In–Laws, NBC, 2002.

"The House Gift," My Big Fat Greek Life, CBS, 2003.

Happy Family, NBC, episodes from 2003–2004.

Two and a Half Men, CBS, episodes from 2004–2005.

Directed episodes of The Boys Are Back, CBS; Encore! Encore!, NBC; General Hospital, ABC; (as Pam Fryman) The Simple Life, CBS; and Welcome to New York (also known as Gaffigan), CBS. Associate director and director of episodes of Santa Barbara, NBC. Directed "The Contest," an unaired episode of Bringing Up Jack, ABC.

Television Director; Pilots:

Nice Try, CBS, 1995.

Better Days, CBS, 1998.

The King of Queens, CBS, 1998.

Maggie, CBS, 1998.

Love & Money, CBS, 1999.

Work with Me, CBS, 1999.

Gene Pool, The WB, 2001.

Inside Schwartz, NBC, 2001.

Three Sisters, NBC, 2001.

Grown Men, CBS, 2002.

In–Laws, NBC, 2002.

Two Families, CBS, 2002.

Happy Family, NBC, 2003.

The Amazing Westermans, CBS, 2004.

Family Show, CBS, 2004.

Lucky Us, Fox, 2004.

The MacGregors, NBC, 2004.

News to Me, ABC, 2004.

How I Met Your Mother, CBS, 2005.

Lies and the Wives We Tell Them to, NBC, 2005.

Television Executive Producer; Series:

Just Shoot Me, NBC, 2003.

Happy Family, NBC, 2003–2004.

Television Assistant to the Producers; Awards Presentations:

The 13th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, NBC, 1986.

Assistant to Joel Stein, The 14th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, ABC, 1987.

The 15th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, CBS, 1988.

Television Executive Producer; Pilots:

The MacGregors, NBC, 2004.